Eimeo Pacific Hotel Mackay

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The Eimeo Pacific Hotel in Mackay offers breathtaking views of the ocean from the deck. Couple this with your favourite beverage and some great pub food, and you will have a truly memorable experience.

Just ask Jonathan Thurstan! But seriously, don’t miss out on this view. I have travelled a to and it is one of my all-time favourites.

Getting There through Mango Avenue

The Eimeo Hotel is a 6-minute drive from the Mackay Blacks Beach Holiday Park, and you can even walk there in less than an hour.

Along the way, you will come across the spectacular, heritage-listed Mango Avenue. These 80-year-old Mango trees provide a must-see, eye-catching tunnel that stretches from Whittles Lane and Heidke Street.

Bring a camera and capture the splendour of Mango Avenue. Then use it again to capture the amazing views from the Eimeo Hotel.

A drive through Mango Avenue is a must-do when visiting the Mackay Region.


The name Eimeo came from the name of the Tahitian island where Jeremiah Downs Armitage was born. Jeremiah was an early settler in the area in the 1870s.

He ran a boarding house where the Eimeo Hotel now stands. The present hotel was built in 1954. Jeremiah also planted the mango trees on the now heritage-listed Mango Avenue.

The Menu

The food on the menu is typical pub food, and sometimes there is a bit of a wait. But the views more than make up for this.

For me, I love cob loaf, followed by a steak and chips.

My Top 3

When staying at the Mackay Blacks Beach Holiday Park, I personally recommend:

  1. Lunch at the Eimeo Hotel
  2. Enjoying Blacks Beach itself
  3. Forest Flying for a unique experience